What are sola wood flowers made of

What are sola wood flowers made of

The material which is all around us seeks our attention every time we see them. Sola wood flowers have gained lots of preference in comparison to the natural flowers. The reason behind this is the versatile qualities that these wood flowers offer. Yet, many people still today, are not aware of what are sola wood flowers made of.  Nature has blessed us with a wide variety of things that we have been using for getting benefits. Wooden flowers are so made through natural resources. While man has created them by the artistic approach and the thirst to have a uniqueness in what so ever they confer. Therefore, after huge toils and moil, people have discovered the amazing wooden flowers and their source as well. Right here, in this blog, we will brief you about what are sola wood flowers made of and how the skills are used to transfer a raw piece into the amazing artwork. It’s all about the beauty that mind craves and the one which a soul looks for. Stay tuned and witness the reality of wooden flowers.

The material is made up of

Sola wood flowers are made of tapioca wood which is extracted from commonly named tapioca tree. They are grown far and wide in the western part of the world. The bark is scraped off while taking pout the gummy material often considered as an important source of starch. They are cut off from the outer edges and left aside to get dried. Later on, the woody bark is chemically treated to become resistant to insects and other agents that can harm the wood. this is the reason why wood flowers are known to last for years. Well, later on, the dried pieces are sent down into the rollers to make them flat and fine enough to shape easily. They are also transformed into long woody sheets that are later sent to the wholesalers and into the market for use. If you are wondering that this is all about what are sola wood flowers made of, you need to pause and look ahead to see the next part and witness the magic that human hands add on to the raw pieces of wood. It is far important to remember that they are hand made flowers and without human intervention they are nothing.

An artistic approach

As humans add in them the artistic approach, things turn towards betterment. The magic begins soon as they reach the door of the craft workshop. Sheets are taking and cut down into small pieces for easy handling. Shavings are made to get fines out of wood to work on. Moreover, the shavings are cut down into small petal shapes that are later on rearranged to transform into the flowers. Sola wood flowers once made can be brought to life by simply adding on dyes and colors by the game of colors. Artists choose colors according to their preferences. As a choice, you can have oil paints and spray paints both. Once you are done, you can add on fragrances to make it look more appealing.


Wooden flowers are perfect in every way. They are very easy to gain from natural sources and quite handy to invest your time and effort. Moreover, once you have achieved perfection in it, trust us you can do wonders.

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