Types of shapewear

Types of shapewear

Shapewear has been popular among women for many decades. It allows you to maintain the perfect body shape with minimum effort.

There are many types of body shapers available on Shapellx shapewear. Each of them is effective for a specific region of your body. Some of them are as follows:

Panty shapewear:

Panty shapewear is similar to a regular panty or underwear. It has high-density panels in different regions of apparel. It helps you smoothen your lower abdomen to make it look perfect. You can wear it daily for prolonged effects.

Slips & Camisoles:

The slips and camisoles focus mainly on the belly region. These shapers are very straightforward. They control the tummy and streamline’s the breasts for a seamless profile from the shoulders to the hips. The camisoles have built-in shaping panels, pads, underwires.

Shorts shapewear:

The shorts shapewear are full-body shapers that run down to the thighs. They are also known as waist and thigh trainer. This shapewear controls the bulginess of thighs and makes them tighter. Thus, providing your thighs and abdomen a softer look.


The corsets focus mainly on the waist region of your body. It has shaping panels that hold your waist uptight. These waist trainers provide your body with the required perfection by making the waist look smaller and sexier.

Another type of corsets is the Marry Widow. It focuses mainly on the lower portion of clothing to make your body seem tighter. It lifts the busts only to add to your flawless figure.

Seamless Shapewear

The plus-size shapewear is perfect for wearing under a dress. It provides instant tightness to your body and hides any unnecessary curves. These shapers have no visible seams so that no one will know about your little secret.

Waist trainers:

The waist trainers are very similar to corsets. They control the midsection of your body and lift the busts. These trainers are very easy to fit in and can be worn regularly as a part of lingerie. The waist trainers are best for weight loss. They help you lose excessive fats by wearing them for at least 6 hours daily.


There are many different types of shapewear. Each controls a specific portion of the body. You can use any of these shapers to maintain a perfect body shape without working out daily. I hope that this article has been informative and helped you to better understanding the types of shapewear

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