Preparation Tips for an Office Party

Sep 27 2020
James C. Chesley

If you have been delegated to head a party committee for your office party, you are in for lots of work and loads of fun. The work will come from ensuring that every detail is ironed out, and your party is a success. There are several things you need to handle, from food and drinks

Tips for Buying Wine Online

Jul 09 2020
James C. Chesley

There is no doubt that online shopping has become a normal part of our lives. Purchasing from Amazon has become the norm, but people are still hesitant about getting their wine online; after all, it is very precious cargo. However, buying wine online doesn’t have to be intimidating at all. You just need to know

Pink Soda Sport

Jun 17 2020
James C. Chesley

After training myself crazy in previous years, moving around quite a lot over the past eight months has highly affected my gym schedule and with it came bad diet and lack of activity. I sadly said buh-bye to my abs and condemned myself to a life of misery without the gym, but I’m back in

Top Things to Know before Hiring a Handyman

May 21 2020
James C. Chesley

No matter how old or new a house is, it will have its fair share of maintenance issues. More often than not, these little repairs don’t need an experienced contractor specializing in a particular trade. All you need is a reliable handyman for handling these tasks. But, you shouldn’t hire the first handyman that you