Things to consider when moving abroad

Things to consider when moving abroad

Relocating abroad is both exciting and stressful in equal measures. Not only is there a ton of paperwork to sort out but also a home full of goods and furnishings to either pack up or get rid of. Where do you start? Here are some handy tips to get you started on your exciting but busy road ahead:

As soon as plans are finalised:

Consider the first important thing and that’s the need for a long-term visa and this will depend on where you’re headed. It could include a permanent residency, a temporary residency or work visa. Do some research and check which one is the right one for your needs and the country you’re moving to. You’ll also need all your important paperwork such as birth and marriage certificates, medical records, vaccinations details and school or professional certification for every family member who is relocating.

Check that your passport is in date or if it’s near expiry, get cracking with ordering a new one.

Cancel any phone plans you have and don’t take an upgrade in the near future if you know you’re moving abroad.

For those who are renting, you’ll need to give the right amount of notice and home owners will need to put their home on the market and pay off any remaining mortgage commitments.

The biggest headache of an international move is sorting out what happens to all your stuff. Be as selective as you can as shipping is expensive. Anything that’s good quality can either be gifted to friends and family, sold on second-hand selling sites or donated to your nearest charity shop.

Remember to cancel gym memberships and any magazine or newspaper subscriptions you have. If you’ve lost track of what you’re paying for, check your bank statements for things like Netflix, Amazon Prime or Now TV for example.

Important checks to make before you go include the following:

Get an eye test – you don’t want to be worrying about new glasses as soon as you relocate

Visit the dentist for any last-minute work and a scale and polish

Book a doctor’s appointment, deal with any repeat prescription issues and prepare any necessary vaccinations before you travel

Go shopping and stock up on any favourites that you don’t think you’ll find in the country you’re moving to. Invest in some top-quality luggage if you don’t already own a set. If the weather is going to be good you could Invest in some more clothing like a Bugatti Short Sleeve Shirt from websites including This could be a great opportunity to get a whole new wardrobe before you go!

You might also have a car that needs to be sold. Remember to cancel your car insurance once the vehicle has sold. If you’re keeping your car and returning to the UK at some point, you might still need to insure it and also complete a SORN for it. If you’re not coming back for some time, it’s a good idea to sell it on as cars only depreciate over time. You’ll get more for it now than after sitting in a garage for a few years.


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