Why are diesel cars disappearing from our roads?

Why are diesel cars disappearing from our roads?

It’s no secret that diesel cars are one of the worst culprits when it comes to emitting nitrogen oxide. Although they’re loved for their fuel efficiency and their torque, people are now far more environmentally aware and this is having an impact on the sale of diesel cars. Here is a look at why diesel cars are disappearing from the UK’s roads. If you are looking to find Used Volvo XC60 cars for sale, Consider searching for used Volvo XC60 cars on AutoVillage.co.uk


Just as drivers research their motor trade insurance, scientists have also been doing theirs; statistics show that air safety levels are at a worrying level in cities up and down the country and have been linked to an astonishing 40,000 early deaths.

Legal ruling

The European Court of Justice has also spoken, and with concerns mounting regarding global warming, it is no surprise that diesel car sales are waning.

The UK plan

Just as many drivers research to keep their car insurance premiums down – there are many to choose from, including quotemetoday.co.uk – the UK government is researching how to reduce the number of diesel vehicles on the road in hopes of lowering emissions.

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It is not just the government that is taking this issue seriously; studies show that diesel car owners have already started moving away from such vehicles. Research has also shown that even those who are still considering buying a diesel car think they should have a discount attached to the buying price.

The nation speaks

The government has pledged that by 2040, there will no longer be diesel cars for sale in the UK. However, it would seem that UK opinion is divided on the matter and whether the government can actually achieve this. Polls reveal a close call, with roughly equal percentages of people agreeing that this can happen and believing that it won’t.

Interestingly, drivers who drive or have driven cars powered by alternative fuels were optimistic about the target being reached. An impressive 74 per cent of hybrid car drivers and an equally impressive 81 per cent of drivers of electric vehicles thought the zero statistic could be reached. AutoVillage.co.uk – Your one stop shop for Used Cars for Sale, Car Leasing and discounted Car Parts delivered to your door.

What the future holds

The motoring industry and its impact on the environment and a myriad of organisations is ever-changing, developing new technologies and responding to outside pressures., so it will be interesting to see what the future holds.

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