When to choose galvanised shelving

When to choose galvanised shelving

Standard powder-coated steel shelving is an adequate solution for many storage needs, but sometimes it just isn’t up to the job. Investing in quality galvanised shelving can be really worthwhile, especially if you are looking for long-term, hard-wearing shelving.


Depending on the available space and the conditions, it is often worth considering galvanised shelving. The galvanising process involves coating the steel with a layer of zinc, providing a highly-durable finish. It is especially worthwhile in spaces where damp, humidity and moisture build-up is present or there is poor ventilation, such as in garages, sheds and areas without windows or heating.

If you require shelving in a greenhouse, for example, standard painted shelving will only offer barrier layer protection. If the surface becomes damaged and the metalwork exposed, rusting will occur. Galvanised shelving would combat this problem in a greenhouse and be a good alternative for cold store shelving and garage shelving where there is no central heating and often no circulation.

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The Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) has lots of advice on its website about what to grow in your greenhouse and when best to plant. With autumn approaching, the RHS recommends removing any spent summer crops and planting lettuces into beds or growbags to harvest over winter. This is also the time of year to plant French beans and parsley seedlings to mature indoors. Sow broad beans and peas and hardy lettuces and pea shoots ready to be harvested indoors in spring, and move any herbs in pots indoors to keep them growing for longer.

When choosing racking for greenhouses, cold storage and any partly-covered outdoor areas, companies providing Industrial Shelving Ireland and other parts of the UK offer high-quality, freestanding shelving options.


There is a wide range of industrial shelving Ireland available on the market suitable for residential, industrial and commercial use. Many come with different shelving options depending on your needs, such as boltless, rivet, wire mesh and metal shelves.

Whether you are looking for home storage solutions, office storage, garage, basement, retail or warehouse storage, shelves come in a range of sizes, capacity and weight limits. Galvanised shelving is available in different colours, sizes and finishes to match your décor and be aesthetically appealing and stylish. It is easy and quick to assemble and portable.

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