Reasons to Start Windsurfing

Reasons to Start Windsurfing

Free-riders such as Shaun White, Marine Martiod, and Kevin Rolland are the best at snowboarding and skiing. Marine Hunter, a world-renowned champion in kitesurfing, will tell you that there is more to winter sports than just snow.

We had the pleasure of meeting up with the French windsurfing champion, PWA World champion, and DefiWin de Gruissan competitor, aged 25, to discuss her top 10 reasons for getting into windsurfing – as well as how to be as good as Antoine Albeau, the boss.

Reason 1: Escape

Windsurfing is the sport that lets you forget all your worries on the beach. Navigating the ocean requires a lot more concentration than a casual stroll through the forest. You must engage your whole body and multitask between the feeling of the sail pulling in front and the board on the water. You’re completely free. There are no notifications, no phone calls, and no other distractions. Only you and the bigblue are required.

Reason 2: Confidence

Windsurfing is a skill that requires a lot practice. However, once you are able to stand upright on your board and control your sail independently, you will quickly feel confident and realize that you can do amazing things that only a few people know how to do. Windsurfing is a superpower.

Reason 3: The Community

Although windsurfing can be considered an individual sport it is the group spirit that makes it special. There are always people who will help you, no matter if you have broken your board in the waves or need assistance getting back to shore. Windsurfing is a great sport and everyone shares the same excitement. It is rare to meet a windsurfer who wants to steal your wave, or give you a hard-time – even pros are supportive and welcoming.

This post was written by Aaron McClearnon, Owner of Elite Watersports. At Elite Watersports, We strive to provide exceptional service and genuine interactions with those interested in kiteboard in St. Pete. We hold dear our passion for being out on the water and maintain this as our foundation for all business practices.

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