Why a Dress Is the Answer to Every Wardrobe Crisis

Why a Dress Is the Answer to Every Wardrobe Crisis

We’ve all experienced the “I have nothing to wear” crisis. Where nothing looks right, the top you wanted to wear doesn’t match and you can’t come up with anything more creative than the outfit you’ve been wearing for the last three straight days, the dress is always here. Solving every woman’s wardrobe crisis for thousands of years, a dress is the perfect solution and can, in fact, work as a straight-up power move.

Save yourself the fuss and hassle of clothes that ‘go’ and opt for one type of clothing which covers all bases with ease. Perfect for everyone from Ivanka Trump to bohemian Earth-mothers. Who could not love a dress?

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Bossing It

Although the wrong dress can raise eyebrows, the right dress can increase your authoritative standing: just look at Claire Underwood from House of Cards. Does it get more ambitious and authoritative? Take inspiration from this ruthless politician’s use of power shoulders, detailed tailoring and power-stilettos to show off your strengths whilst maintaining a purposefully feminine look.

In the real world, British Prime Minister Theresa May (love her or hate her) has a history of choosing dresses for her most important moments, with journalist Anne Perkins complimenting her style as serving “as emphasis, not distraction”.

Going a bit further away from the more traditional power dresses, who would question Lady Gaga when she showed up in a dress made of raw steak to the VMAs?


Not only can a dress be a power statement, but with so many options when it comes to dresses you can easily pick something up to suit any occasion. From AX Paris wedding guest dresses to dress-suits or the famous maxi, you can never go wrong in the right dress!

NY Fashion

Naturally, we expect to see plenty of dresses at New York fashion week, and this year was no exception with plenty of reminders of just how powerful the right dress can be.

From fancy numbers perfect for prom to orange, sequinned and leopard print wrap dresses, stylish wedding guest dresses, fabulous shirt-dresses and so much more, there was loads of inspiration on the catwalk this year.

In the NY Fashion Week crowds there were also plenty of dresses spotted, giving audiences a glimpse of upcoming fashion trends.

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