How to maintain and clean double glazed windows

Double glazed windows offer excellent durability and insulation properties, but that doesn’t mean to say once you’ve got them installed you can leave them to get on with their job. Maintaining and cleaning your windows is essential to keep them in tip-top condition and to ensure they remain a feature of your dwelling for many years. Here’s how to take care of your double glazed windows.

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Effective cleaning

You need the right tools and equipment to clean your double glazed windows effectively. For starters, you’ll need a clean cloth. According to UK Home Improvement, only use a soft cloth – an abrasive brush can scratch or damage the appearance of the glass.

Although you can buy solutions designed for cleaning windows, you can easily make your own, which works just as well. Simply combine one-part vinegar to four parts water in a clean bowl. If you can, use distilled water, as this is better at preventing streaks.

Add the mixture to your cloth and clean the windows in a circular motion. Don’t forget about cleaning the corners of windows, and if your cloth doesn’t reach, use on old toothbrush or cotton bud.

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Shiny windows

To make your windows shine after cleaning or to remove streaks, you might find using newspaper helpful. Use gloves so you don’t get newspaper print on your hands.

It’s a good idea to clean your windows on a cloudy day as they’ll take longer to dry, which can prevent streaks from forming.

Good maintenance

It also pays to maintain your window furniture, such as hinges and locks, to ensure they work properly and keep your windows secure. When buying new windows choose good quality products from a reputable supplier of windows Cheltenham based business will offer advice. This gets your maintenance regime off to the best start possible.

Clean dirt off hinges and use lubricant oil on any hinges that have become stiff. If window tracks stick, give them a clean and use a wire brush to remove any superfluous oil.

Windows can get condensation which may form into mould, so keep a check on this from time to time. If moisture is present, use a sponge to remove it. You can improve ventilation and prevent condensation buildup by keeping furniture away from windows or walls and opening windows, especially if rooms get steamy.


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