Fence Screening 101: 6 Ways to Decorate Your Space with Internal Timber Screens

Fence Screening 101: 6 Ways to Decorate Your Space with Internal Timber Screens

Timber screens are not only a lightweight, sustainable and multi-purpose construction material used structurally in architecture, but they are also a timeless element that can enhance your interior space.

Since they come in a range of tones and colours, there are plenty of looks and styles you can choose from. They are also versatile and adaptable to any material, thus making it easier for you to fit them into a particular theme (whether rustic or modern) you want to achieve inside your home. Furthermore, they are extremely strong and durable which ultimately gives you excellent value for your money.

Ready to incorporate this construction material inside your home? To inspire you, here are 6 creative ways to decorate your space with internal timber screens.

6 Home Design Ideas to Use Internal Timber Screens

1.     Decorate Your Wall with Timber Cladding

Source: House of Bamboo

Timber screens are already a go-to construction material used for exterior cladding but do also consider incorporating this idea indoors.

With timber cladding, you can enhance your plain-coloured—and often boring-looking—interior walls. Furthermore, you can enjoy a space that mixes the feeling of being outdoors while in the comfort of your home, thanks to the natural tones present in timber screens.

Tip: If you want to achieve both a rustic and modern aesthetic inside your home, combine internal timber screens with your concrete walls.

2.     Divide Interior Spaces

If you want to divide your interior space without feeling too constricted, you can never go wrong with internal timber screens.

You can actually use them as lightweight and airy dividers that offer a distinct aesthetic look while still providing a sense of privacy. You can also effectively utilize the available space inside your home using timber dividers. For instance, you can set your living room apart from your dining room without the need to crowd your interiors with walls.

Furthermore, you can use timber screens to separate any room of your choice (whether it’s the bedroom or even the kitchen) without having to worry about style consistency as they come in a classic and versatile look.

3.     Spice Up the Kitchen

Source: Dwell

Your kitchen doesn’t have to be boring and dull. Update its look in an instant by adding timber screens.

For one, you can transform your kitchen cabinets to a sparkling beauty by incorporating timber cladding. You can also opt to implement timber finishes on your centre island to make your kitchen look elegant while still providing the same functions.

4.     Shape Your Ceiling

Source: Home Designing

Have you always wanted to incorporate unique shapes into your home? Now you can with internal timber slats!

Forget plain and flat ceilings and spark immediate interest by installing timber materials in your home. Not only do they allow your guests to enjoy unique views despite being indoors, but they also have the ability to make your visitors feel relaxed and at-home, owing to its natural-toned look.

5.     Soundproof Your Bedroom

Whether you want to keep the noises made by your other family members at bay or just want to keep your business private, you can rely on internal timber screens to soundproof your bedroom.

Since they have natural acoustic properties, you can be ensured they can absorb sound waves. And if you’re a music lover, you’d also enjoy the fact that timber excellently prevents unwanted echoes and enhances the sound coming from your instrument or radio by reflecting it.

6.     Repurpose as Timber Furniture

Not sure what to do with your old timber screens or materials? Don’t throw them away as you can actually use them again!

Since they are natural and renewable, you can simply re-use them as timber furniture. You can achieve a distinct look while still enjoying its functional benefits. It’s up to you to make it as a table, chair, dresser, nightstand, shelf, planter, or even a bed frame. There’s really no limit when it comes to repurposing timber!

Tip: You can also use old timber materials as small accents around your home. These can range from a picture frame to a wooden vase.

These 6 home design ideas prove that aside from traditional architectural use, timber screens can also be incorporated into your home’s interior design. They can not only bring a unique aesthetic to your property but also give various functions.

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