What is a Variable Area Flow Meter and Why Do You Need One?

What is a Variable Area Flow Meter and Why Do You Need One?

Flow meters are instruments that measure the flow rate of liquids passing through them. Although principally used for measuring water, flow meters can also be used to measure steam, gas, oil and other liquids. You need different kinds of flow meters for different types of resources. However, that’s not the case with variable area flow meters. Variable area flow meters can be used for any resource and can be calibrated to measure any liquid accurately.

Using variable area flow meters instead of conventional flow meters offers a lot of advantages, primarily when used in large construction projects:

  1. Using variable area flow meters can save money.

For example, a business owner has a significant construction underway and the building will be getting water and gas from the public utility companies. Instead of buying different types of flow meters for water and gas he can buy a kind of variable area flow meter for both. Since these types of flow meters can be adjusted and calibrated to work for any liquid, they’re likely to work with the two of the most common resources.

  • Variable area flow meters are easy to install.

Variable area flow meters are made for easy installation. They can be customised for any use in measuring liquid flow rate and can even be fitted with a battery, alarm and transmitter and can be customised to use either stainless steel, plastics, PVC, and other types of construction materials. Variable area flow meters can also easily be uninstalled and re-installed somewhere else.

  • Variable area flow meters have a simple design and are easy to read.

Variable area flow meters were designed so that people can read them accurately regardless of whether that person is near or far from the meter. For it to happen, the instruments must have a simple design, which is the reason for their low maintenance.

  • There are different models of variable area flow meters to choose from.

Instead of having different models designed to measure different liquids, variable area flow meters have different sizes for different purposes. Some can even be fitted with valves so that you can turn the flow on and off. They can also differ in the display, and you can choose between a dial display or float weights.

  • Variable area flow meters are made of durable materials.

For variable area flow meters to be reusable, low maintenance, and able to be used for any purpose, they need to be made from materials that can withstand any condition the flowing liquid has no matter how hot the liquid is or if the fluid is highly corrosive. They need to be made of materials that can resist high pressures as well. Some are even marketed as “armoured” and can be used for industrial purposes that deal with chemicals and sewage water treatment.

All of these things make variable area flow meters very cost effective, especially for projects that need a lot of them.

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