Mansard Loft Conversion- Everything you Need to Know

Mansard Loft Conversion- Everything you Need to Know

Are you interesting in increasing the size of your existing property? Do you require more space? If so, you can consider opting for a Mansard loft conversion. This particular loft conversion involves modification of the loft roof so its sloping part is nearly flat (between 72 and 92 degrees) while the sloping front wall is nearly vertical. Due to this gradient, the windows are built as small dormers in the new roof.

Rather than feeling like a loft conversion, such conversions usually seem like an extra storey addition. Mansard loft conversions can be an excellent investment because they add value and space to your home. A mansard roof is also referred to as a French roof. It dates back to 1550 and can even be seen in Paris, on a section of the Louvre Museum. Extensive modifications are made to the roof during mansard loft conversions due to which they can be a bit costly.

The good thing about a mansard loft conversion is that it works for most of the property types, which include terraced houses, bungalows, semi-detached and detached houses.

Benefits of Mansard Loft Conversion

If you are wondering what benefits this type of loft conversion can offer, here are some prominent ones:

  • It is a great method for maximizing a loft space
  • Mansard loft conversions involve dormer windows, which can bring in a lot of light
  • These loft conversions don’t require a lot of structural reinforcements
  • The loft space doesn’t look like a modified loft; it seems like an extra storey
  • With a mansard loft conversion, there are mostly straight walls inside, which can make them easier to furnish and decorate

You will need to obtain planning permission for a mansard loft conversion and you also need to have a good budget in order to opt for one.

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