Your Guide to Lamination and How it can Enhance the Look and Strength of Your Printed Materials

Your Guide to Lamination and How it can Enhance the Look and Strength of Your Printed Materials

Many printing specialists today offer a range of printed products and materials, which include banners, posters, business cards, business stationery, presentation folders, brochures, leaflets, flyers, and a lot more. And if you are searching for the right printer, you may have noticed that a lot of them offer laminated printed materials as well. Lamination can make a difference in many printed materials such as desktop displays, calendars, flyers, leaflets, brochures, and folders. With proper lamination, your printed materials can become sturdier and have a longer lifespan, and they can look better, too. Here’s your guide to lamination and how it can enhance the look and strength of your printed materials.

What is it?

The process of lamination is when a thin layer made of plastic is applied to or put on a card or printed piece or sheet of paper. Laminated materials are everywhere – from book covers to business cards, business posters, film posters, packaging, and so on.

Why do it?

Many businesses choose to apply lamination to their printed materials simply because laminate can enhance the appearance of the printed material, adding to its appeal. But aside from this, laminate helps protect the printed material and prolong its lifespan, making it less susceptible to damage or wear and tear. For example, if you are planning to order A4 presentation folders, it’s better to have them laminated by the printer so they are sturdier and more durable and can look better as well. Laminated printed materials look more professional than standard printed materials with no lamination. Additionally, if the folder is laminated, you can avoid cracks on the folder’s spine or gusset and other folded areas, mainly when there is a lot of ink on the areas. If you want your folders and other printed materials to last longer, it’s best to have them laminated, so they have a longer shelf life.

Kinds of laminate

Most printing companies will offer two kinds of laminate, namely matte and gloss. Gloss laminate is often the most common option, as it is preferred by many. With a gloss laminate finish, any printed material can look extra shiny and impressive, and it can stand out.

Matte laminate is another standard kind of laminate, and it can make printed materials look professional. It is not shiny like gloss laminate, but it gives printed materials a velvety feel. Matte laminate is often used for both the outside and the inside of presentation folders, for instance, as it can enhance the folder’s look and appearance.

There may be other kinds of laminate depending on your printed material provider; all you have to do is ask them about their lamination options, so you will know your exact range of choices. All in all, though, it’s always better to go for laminated printed materials so that they can last for a longer time without cracking or tearing. The extra protection provided by laminate makes your printed materials more attractive, and if you’re using them for promotional purposes, your customers and clients will appreciate their look as well.


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