The best dishwasher detergents and why they make a difference

You have a dishwasher to clean food from your dishes and silverware, but just how effective is it? Do you sometimes find that sauces are still stuck to your plates and food is still clinging to your spoons after you’ve run it?

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If so, your dishwasher may not be the problem at all; the detergent could actually be to blame. You need to find a detergent that will clean any kind of messy plates, cups and bowls. If you want to change your detergent, take a look at these top products.

Cascade Platinum ActionPacs

The best thing about these pods is that they have grease-fighting qualities. This helps to get rid of the food residue left behind and also produces a nice shine. The tabs dissolve as part of the wash, so you don’t need to perform a pre-wash to get a great performance.

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Finish Powerball Max In 1

For a cheaper detergent that is still effective, Finish is a great brand. Voted the 2019 Product of the Year, it has earned the top spot for the best automatic dish product. You can pick up a pack of Finish in any local supermarket.

Clean Day By Mrs Meyers

For an environmentally-friendly option, Mrs Myers is the one for you. The soap is chlorine- and phosphate-free whilst still being efficient at removing stains. In addition to being a great detergent, it has a pleasant smell and cuts through grease rather easily.

Dishwasher Tabs From Miele

These tabs have a formula that involves enzymes, powerfully helping to clean dishes and glasses. Many people who use this detergent comment on how sparkling it leaves glasses after just one wash.

Dawn Soap Detergent

Dawn is not actually considered a detergent for the dishwasher, but it is nevertheless rather brilliant for washing plates up in the sink. As a matter of fact, it is one of the best products available on the market for cutting through grease when you don’t have a dishwasher available or you need to clean more delicate items that aren’t suitable for placing in the dishwasher.

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