Six tips to get the most out of your commercial cold room

Cold rooms are walk-in fridges and freezers often found in professional kitchens. They require professional installation and are typically used for foods such as meat, dairy, fish and vegetables.

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Keeping your commercial cold rooms running efficiently is essential and easy to do. By following these basic steps, you will get the most out of your investment and operate an efficient and hygienic business.


Having a system that all staff know and understand will ensure everything is kept where it should be and that stock is easy to access when needed. Regular checks will help to maintain this.

Always store meat on the bottom shelf for hygiene reasons, and make sure there is space between different food types.

Don’t overstock

Keeping your cold room working effectively requires good airflow. Overstocking can reduce the airflow and efficiency, so be careful not to fall into this trap. Making sure that you have adequate shelving and operating a strict rotation policy should help you to manage your stock effectively. Companies such as have a wide selection of cold rooms to choose from.

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Don’t leave it unpowered

Although cold rooms can be unplugged, the temperature needs to stay regulated. If you do have to turn it off for any reason, always remember to turn it back on!

Don’t put warm food in your cold room

This may be obvious but storing hot or warm food inside a fridge confuses the internal temperature system.

Keep the door closed

Many cold rooms do not automatically lock but leaving the door open can alter the temperature. This is especially common when restocking or accessing produce regularly in a busy restaurant, for example. Make sure staff know the rules and develop a habit of always shutting the door behind them.

Restaurants and eateries are constantly looking for new ways to attract customers. The rise in food halls is seen as one way to encourage diners by offering a selection of food choices under one roof.


When having your cold room installed, it is important to make sure there is enough ventilation to enable it to run efficiently and effectively. This can often be a problem if installing next to a wall. Your installer will be able to recommend a suitable position.

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