Why a Dress Is the Answer to Every Wardrobe Crisis

Jun 05 2019
James C. Chesley

We’ve all experienced the “I have nothing to wear” crisis. Where nothing looks right, the top you wanted to wear doesn’t match and you can’t come up with anything more creative than the outfit you’ve been wearing for the last three straight days, the dress is always here. Solving every woman’s wardrobe crisis for thousands

Ek Mukhi Rudraksha – A Insight Of The Gem

Apr 22 2019
James C. Chesley

That ultimate gem which serves the concentration, health, and much more goodness is Rudraksha. This is something which is connecting you with God, especially Lord Shiva and marking you away from the materialistic fashion. Wearing an  original ek mukhi Rudraksha, can do so much for you and bridge the gap between fashion and spirituality. The

Why are diesel cars disappearing from our roads?

Mar 03 2019
James C. Chesley

It’s no secret that diesel cars are one of the worst culprits when it comes to emitting nitrogen oxide. Although they’re loved for their fuel efficiency and their torque, people are now far more environmentally aware and this is having an impact on the sale of diesel cars. Here is a look at why diesel

A guide to common VoIP terms and acronyms

Feb 27 2019
James C. Chesley

While many people are now aware of VoIP and its potential for versatile, cost-efficient communications, there is a certain amount of jargon that has the potential for confusion associated with any technology. Let’s take a look at some common VoIP terms and their meanings. Image Credit Voice to data and back CPE This is an