Arnon Dror instagram Shows Him To Be a Specialist in the Fields of Management, Finance, Leadership and Economics          

Nov 15 2018

Accounting and finance play an important role in the management of any business. Companies function on money, and if one does not control that money, they would not be able to control the business either. By accounting correctly for the company’s expenses and income, one can manage the flow of money and thus direct the course of the business.

Financial management is one of the most vital responsibilities of business managers and owners. They must consider the possible consequences of their management decisions on cash flow, profits and on the economic condition of the company. The activities of each facet of a business have an influence on the company’s financial performance and must be controlled and evaluated by the business owner.

Arnon Dror instagram is the ex- VP of Finance of Xerox Technology Business at Xerox. With over two decades of experience in the fields of Management, Finance, Leadership and Economics, Arnon Dror has been a verified practical and result determined international Chief Financial Officer and reliable advisor to senior leadership. As far as Arnon’s education is concerned, he has graduated from The Hebrew University with a BA in Economics and Business Administration in the year 1991. After completing the Bachelors degree, Arnon Dror pursued MA in Micro Economics and earned his MBA in Finance at The Hebrew University in the same year.

As an ex- Chief Financial Officer and Senior Operations Executive, Arnon Dror international leads the international business with an outstanding track record in integrating, restructuring, and managing the business to exceed all performance and revenue targets. Before the association with Xerox, Arnon Dror has held numerous high-authority positions that highlighted his skill in Management, Finance, and Economics. Arnon Dror is a reliable advisor to company leadership, and has a great background in:

  • Systems & Technology
  • Negotiations
  • Finance & Strategy Planning
  • International FP&A and Tax
  • Financial and Business Modeling
  • Change Management
  • Internal Controls
  • Cash Flow Management
  • Supply Chain Optimization
  • ERP Integration
  • Turn Arounds & Mergers
  • Complex Deal Structuring

Being a master in the field of finance Arnon Dror international says that even though a business may be based on a personal ideal or an aesthetic vision, it will only be able to work productively if it is financially sound. In most cases it has been found that businesses usually pass through growth periods and startup spending more than they make, but, the lasting health of any company depends on eventually earning more money than it expends. Besides this, financially feasible companies must deal with cash flow efficiently enough in order to prevent incapacitating finance charges and have sufficient capital on hand to cover basic expenditures.

When Arnon Dror instagram is not busy with his office work and other related work, he loves watching sports especially football and basketball. His preferred team in the NBA is the Boston Celtics and he supports New England Patriots in the NFL.


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